Get a grip on this awesome offer (and a t-shirt)

Pack like a pro with this Iconic pickleball bag and we will throw in a 3-pack of pickleball comfort pro overgrip in white color.

And... our friends at Dink Bang Sideout will sweeten the deal by giving you a choice of a FREE t-shirt or tank top. Look stylish in a new t-shirt and a paddle with a really cool white handle. You'll never lose your grip during those fast hands battles.

Iconic bag
Wilson Super Tour Paddlepak

Super Tour Paddlepak

$ 89 00
  • Fits three paddles and all your stuff

  • Keeps your paddles cool

  • Ultra convenient

  • Stink free

  • Makes your hands useful

  • Gentle with your valuables


Pro grip
White Overgrip 3-pack

White Overgrip 3-pack

FREE $ 6 49
  • Excellent feel and tack

  • Crafted for pickleball handle

  • Super thin

  • High-stretch

  • Contoured edge

  • Long lasting tackiness

FREE T-Shirt or Tank Top

Your pick of a white unisex t-shirt or a women's racer back tank top FREE from our friends at @dinkbangsideout.

Dink Bang Sideout T-Shirt
Dink Bang Sideout Women's Tank Top

T-Shirt or Tank Top?

Tank Top
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