Out With the Old,
in With the TRU

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Superior bounce
Enjoy much more predictable bounce resulting in steadier contact with your paddle.
Extended court life
Tru 32 balls will give you a couple of weeks of regular play without needing to be replaced.
Excellent feel
The rough and ready finish provides an unparalleled feel, significantly improving your touch for dink shots.
​Easy tracking
The neon chartreuse color allows you to keep your eyes fixed on the ball as it leaves your opponent's paddle.
Flight consistency
TRU 32 ball rotates on any axis with more consistency than any existing 40-hole patterns out there.
​Made in USA
Unlike most pickleballs in the industry, TRU 32 is manufactured and shipped entirely in the USA.

These pickle balls have the most consistent bounce which allows me to work on specific shots. Indoor, outdoor, or on the moon you can’t beat the durability!

Matt "Pickleball McNasty" Manasse


Super Tour Paddlepak. Pack Like a PRO.

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Fits all your stuff
Large main compartment includes removable divider to organize your extra shirts, socks, pickle balls, sweatbands, sweatshirt, etc.
Keeps your paddles cool
Smaller main compartment is lined with Thermoguard to protect your paddles from head and holds up to three paddles.
Ultra convenient
Hidden plastic fence hook to keep it off the ground and hand during play. Front grab handle and top webbing loop to grab or hand bag.
Stink free
The vented zippered shoe pocket fits shoes up to size 11 or anything else you want to stuff in there and keep it from stinking up your other stuff.
Makes your hands useful
Incredibly comfortable to wear as a backpack, leaving your both hands free to carry something else or do whatever else you need.
Gentle with your valuables
Two exterior fleece-lined zippered accessory pockets for your valuables and small personal effects keep your phone screen scratch free.

Wilson has been known for their tennis bags for years and they certainly hit their target with the Paddlepak. It fits all my equipment for a full day at the courts and it is comfortable to wear over the shoulders. Plus, I feel confident walking on the court with the iconic red and white look!

Matt "Pickleball McNasty" Manasse

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Wilson Pickleball Comfort Pro Overgrip

Wilson Pickleball Comfort Pro Overgrip

Engineered specifically for pickleball paddles, the Pickleball Comfort Pro Overgrip provides excellent feel and tack for its users. Measuring 31 inches in length, this thinly-crafted grip features high-stretch material that is perfect for applying over an existing paddle grip.
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Super thin
Applying this overgrip on top of an existing grip barely increases the thickness of the paddle handle.
High-stretch felt
The elasticity of the high-stretch felt allows it to be applied on longer paddle handles without compromising the coverage.
Contoured edge
The lead-in edge of the overgrip is contoured to fit the butt of the paddle handle perfectly.
Long-lasting tackiness
The overgrip will remain tacky for many sessions ensuring a secure grip of the paddle for drive shots and quick volleys.

This is the grip I use and honestly wouldn't have it any other way. It's tacky, durable and has the perfect thickness to fit over the existing grip. I won't play a game without it!

Matt "Pickleball McNasty" Manasse

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