Diadem Warrior EDGE Paddle - First Responder Series - Military
USAPA Approved

Diadem Warrior EDGE Paddle - First Responder Series - Military

The EDGE First Responder Series paddle is highly maneuverable, consistent for precision hits, and designed for a wide range of players. It has a 4 1/8th grip size with a Comfort Max grip for ultimate control and comfort. It honors American heroes and donates a portion of proceeds to the Tunnel to Towers Foundation.
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The EDGE First Responder Series is 16mm thick and introduces the Aero Guard channel edge guard. The Edge is incredibly maneuverable allowing for quick resets and recoveries. With a single 8mm honeycomb core the consistency across the entire surface is unmatched and will allow the competitive player to hit their targets with precision.

The Warrior Edge is a paddle that a wide range of players can use, and a paddle the competitive player can master. The Edge's 4 1/8th grip size along with our famous Comfort Max grip giving you ultimate comfort with the ultimate control. This paddle will feel good in the hands of anyone, from the recreational player to the most competitive player.

The First Responders Series has been developed by the Diadem team as a part of the mission to grow the sport of pickleball in the US. As pickleball isa n American sport, they wanted to honor the true American heroes by making paddles specifically designed for our Country's Police, Military, and Fire Rescue. With every purchase a porition of the proceeds will be donated to the Tunnel to Towers Foundation.


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