Pickleball Gameplay Why majority of pickleball players prefer doubles?

Pickleball McNasty Matt Manasse Jun 24, 2021
Why majority of pickleball players prefer doubles?

If I wanted to be lazy, this could be the shortest article ever written. As simple as it gets, doubles is just more fun. Period, the end. But for the sake of wordiness and entertainment, let me expand on why I think doubles in pickleball is the preferred format.

First, have you ever tried playing singles? It is absolutely BRUTAL on the body. Every point feels like an absolute struggle. The side-to-side sprinting makes for a great workout but it is more a war of attrition than a strategic chess game. The art of the dink and the kitchen aren't as crucial as you have way more court to play around with. I would say singles in tennis translates to singles in pickleball way quicker than the doubles game. If you want to just get tired, go ahead and try singles!

Doubles is where the real fun is!

I love how you have to switch sides when you score a point on your serve. It encourages paddle high fives as you walk and I think that's cute.

Social Aspect

There are four people on a doubles court in close proximity with each other. It encourages social interaction and it allows for fun and light banter. Depending on who you're playing with, I guess the banter may not be so light but that can also be fun. A friend told me, "I love how you have to switch sides when you score a point on your serve. It encourages paddle high fives as you walk and I think that's cute". She is totally right - doubles promotes a friendly, fun environment that allows for everyone to compete in an uplifting manner.

Strategic Aspect

Doubles is the ultimate problem-solving game. Should I dink? Should I drive? When should I speed up? Where should I attack the opponents to set up my partner? Should I play to my strength or to my opponents weakness? These are all questions that enter your mind during a pickleball game. You are forced to go from offense to defense to neutral and everywhere in between during the course of one point. Multiply that times the amount of points you play during 2 out of 3 games to 11 and you have enough decision-making opportunities to last a lifetime.

Changing Match-ups

If you go out to the courts for singles with one of your friends, you know pretty quickly who is better and what strategy you'll need to implement in order to win. In doubles, you can go through 3 separate rotations of partners when you play with 3 other people. You are constantly tasked with a new set of opponents thus giving you a new challenge. And if you are playing at a crowded venue where people are waiting for the court, you might get a chance to play with and meet an entirely new set of players. Beyond the strategic aspect inherently tied with new opponents, you also have an opportunity to create new friends in the process.

In my opinion, doubles in pickleball is the new golf or racquetball. It is where business deals are going to get done and where people will migrate to after a long day at work to blow off steam. So grab 3 friends and head out to the courts - I know you'll have an absolute blast playing doubles!