Pickleball Gameplay

Pickleball Gameplay Is Competitive Pickleball Right for You?

If you’re a recreational pickleball player, you may be wondering if you should step into the tournament scene. I get this question often from newer to intermediate players: “Should I enter a tournament?” Here are some questions and concerns that I’ve heard from people pondering their entrance into the competitive pickleball world.

Pickleball Gameplay Finding Funding to Build Pickleball Courts

Pickleball popularity is at an all time high and this sport isn’t going away. Many areas, including my own, NEED more courts. How do you plead your case and prove that pickleball is a good investment for your community?

Pickleball Gameplay Keeping Your Cool on the Court

We are in the hottest days of summer and things are heating up. You may be wanting tips to keep COOL temperature wise while playing, but I’m going to try to help you (and ME) stay mentally cool on the courts.

Pickleball Gameplay Do yourself a favor- go on a pickleball getaway!

Most people travel to see the world and experience what it has to offer. For us pickleball enthusiasts, travel can be taken to the next level when your destination has pickleball courts. Imagine combining two of your loves: exploring AND pickleball. These days, it’s getting easier to plan and take a pickleball excursion.

Pickleball Gameplay Is it time to replace your pickleball paddle?

Everyone has heard the buzz by now that pickleball is America’s fastest growing sport. There are MANY reasons this is true- ask any pickleball player. One of the biggest advantages of picking up the game of pickleball is well…there’s not much equipment to pick up in order to start playing! Grab a paddle and a ball and you are ready to go. Simple, right?

Pickleball Gameplay Picking the Perfect (pickleball) Partner

”Picking the Perfect Partner” sounds like it may be an article for an online dating website. While finding your perfect match in life is certainly important; so is finding your ideal pickleball teammate! How can YOU find the perfect pickleball partner?

Pickleball Gameplay One Size Handle Does NOT Fit All

There’s a plethora of research out there on pickleball paddles and please take time to explore before making a purchase. Your game and wallet will thank you. Obviously the weight, surface shape, and material are very important when choosing a paddle, but this article is going to take a slightly different “spin” on that research. Let's explore paddles best for players with smaller hands!

Pickleball Gameplay Setting Goals and Making Growth in Pickleball

After traveling to some pickleball communities outside of my own, I have noticed they all share commonalities. Many times, you hear people talking about how they just really want to master their third shot drop. Another skill that players want to improve- the reset or “slowing down the point.” Some that have solid technique want to work on court awareness and trying to read their opponent better. The list could go on and on; each player that you meet wants to improve and has a goal or two in mind. This got me thinking - what are some specific things that you can do to accomplish your pickleball goals?

Pickleball Gameplay Never Underestimate an Overgrip

Warmer days are heading our way and you may start to notice your paddle slipping more during games. One quick, inexpensive, and easy way to help is by adding an overgrip. Did you know that overgrips are not just for sweat absorption, though? There are actually several reasons for using an overgrip and it is a great idea for both the comfort and the quality of your pickleball game.

Pickleball Gameplay What should your pickleball warm-up routine look like?

Do you have a pre-pickleball warm-up routine? If not, you should! Just like in any sport, you don’t go straight from the couch to your match without a proper warm-up. But what's the best way to warm up for pickleball? Read on to find out...

Pickleball Gameplay Notable pickleball rule changes for 2022

The USA Pickleball Association establishes and publishes the official rules of pickleball. The rules are adjusted, expanded and amended on yearly basis. In this post we picked and summarized the most notable changes to pickleball rules for 2022. The serve and Unusual court situations are the two areas that saw the most important changes.

Pickleball Gameplay Win More Points with Pickleball Stacking

Stacking in pickleball is a strategy that can improve your game and help you win more points. You can implement this strategy relatively easily and quickly. But what is it, and how do you do it? In this post, we'll explain everything you need to know about pickleball stacking.