Pickleball Gameplay

Should you isolate an opponent in recreational play?

In most sports and even most aspects of life, there is something called "etiquette". Etiquette can be defined as unwritten rules or guidelines that are in place to uphold respect and fairness. Pickleball most certainly has these unwritten rules and many of them apply to do's and don'ts for recreational play. Isolating a player in order to win a game should be at the top of that list in my opinion!

Keeping the Score - Is It Too Hard?

Every scoring system seems foreign until you fully immerse yourself into the game. Although Pickleball is no different to the comparisons above, I do understand how some can find it difficult.

Dinking, banging, or both? The future of Pickleball.

The concept of the slow game in pickleball is only understood by players after they gain experience in the sport. At first, players are trying to bang every ball and most don't even realize the need to spend the majority of their time at the kitchen line. It is only after losing over and again that a light bulb suddenly flips on and they see the need for a dink or drop.

Who Should I be Playing With and Against?

After my Saturday morning pickleball session I left the courts completely frustrated, not pleased with my attitude, and I knew I needed to address some issues we all face as pickleball players. Who should we expect to play with and how often should we play below our level, at our level, and above our level? As a general rule, I think it is critical for your overall development that you play with and against players of all levels.

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