Press Royal Pickleball Lands Large Partnership Deal

ERIE, PA (11-February-2021) – Matt “Pickleball McNasty” Manasse, a professional pickleball athlete, founded Royal Pickleball in 2020. After an accomplished junior and collegiate tennis career, Manasse climbed the collegiate coaching ranks quickly before his career was brought to an abrupt halt due to COVID-19. Manasse then turned his focus to the sport of pickleball and found his new passion.


Due to Manasse’s skill as a player combined with his coaching prowess, Royal Pickleball, based out of Erie, PA, has gained national influence in a short period of time. With Manasse at the helm, Royal Pickleball aims to grow the sport by providing pickleball enthusiasts with everything they need to look, feel, and play like a pro. Royal’s rise in the industry has even caught the attention of one of the sports biggest brands.


Today, less than a year after the company launch, Royal Pickleball has signed a contract with Wilson to become an authorized online reseller for Wilson Pickleball products. Wilson Sporting Goods, a company with a rich tradition in tennis, racquetball, squash, badminton, and many popular team sports, has recently entered the pickleball market with quality products backed by breakout innovation. Wilson’s commitment to top quality is evident by the company’s decision to produce all their Juice and Echo pickleball paddles right here in the United States. Similarly, the Wilson TRU 32 pickle balls have been developed by Wilson Labs to compete with the top selling pickleball brands. This dedication to quality and innovation coupled with Wilson’s long-standing tradition are the main reasons Royal Pickleball decided to become an authorized online reseller.


Pickleball continues to be a rapidly growing racquet sport. There are more than 3.5 million pickleball players in the US alone with an average annual growth rate of around 10%. The USA Pickleball Association reports there are 190 sanctioned tournaments and 11 regional championships with more events being added yearly. As the sport continues to attract new players and even mainstream media attention airing on networks like ESPN, Royal Pickleball is proud of its partnership with Wilson.


Steve Huber, North America Market Manager at Wilson Sporting Goods, says “Wilson is extremely excited to be working with Royal Pickleball, who shares the same passion to grow this great sport. We look forward to building our partnership with Royal Pickleball and Matt “Pickleball Mcnasty” Manasse, the company president and owner.”

"Wilson is extremely excited to be working with Royal Pickleball, who shares the same passion to grow this great sport."

Steve Huber

North America Market Manager
Wilson Sporting Goods