Diadem EDGE 18K Paddle
USAPA Approved

Diadem EDGE 18K Paddle

Meticulously crafted to redefine the game, this paddle is designed to take your skills to new heights, offering unrivaled control, power, and finesse. Better. Faster. Stronger. It's time to find your edge.
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The preeminent technology of the Edge 18k paddle features its revolutionary new surface material. Utilizing state-of-the-art 3D 18k carbon fiber, this paddle uses the unique triaxial weave, incorporating three interwoven yarns at 60-degree angles, setting the stage for an unrivaled playing experience. Unlike traditional unidirectional raw carbon fiber paddles, the Diadem Edge 18k paddle's advanced construction amplifies spin potential at every angle of contact, giving you a competitive edge that's simply unmatched - no matter what shot you hit.

The Edge 18k also introduces the new Edge Shield Pro edge guard. This edge guard enhances the paddle's durability without sacrificing its sleek aesthetics. The extra lip of high density plastic on the corners gives you protection from the ground and paddle scrapes for longer-lasting durability.

Lighter weight material means better control of the average paddle weight

More consistent spin regardless of launch angle

Paddle Face
Triaxial Carbon Fiber Surface - 3 yarns interwoven into a 60 degree angle

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